Ultimate Treasures Cards Hobby Boxes

The Story

In 2014 we wanted to help repair the damaged hobby through a new product that was different than anything else on the market! We grew tired of going to our local hobby stores and spending hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on a hobby box and anxiously opening it hoping to pull an insert of M.J. or at least another collectible star. But, almost assuredly the inserts would be of some guy who was a 3rd string center or a pitcher who was 18 years old and had no future in professional sports. So, we created the GREATEST hobby box ever, Ultimate Treasures Cards! Every single hit in every single box is of a STAR player, with ZERO exceptions. We produced, packaged, marketed & shipped the boxes ourselves. It was not long before we were COMPLETELY sold out. The boxes were a huge success & soon no longer available! A few years later when our brick & mortar store was opening a new location, we discovered three remaining cases of the 2014 Ultimate Treasures Cards Hobby Boxes. They are now available only through our eBay store!