The Submission Process:

1. Request your Submission Form- Just follow the directions on our site to request your easy to complete submission form

2. Email your completed Submission Form- just send us your complete submission form and we will secure your grading/authentication reservation.

3. Package your cards- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We recommend you send each card in a new individual penny sleeve & Card Saver I. Pack your entire submission in a way that protects your cards against damage and limits movement.

4. Mail us your submission- We recommend you mail utilizing USPS Secured Shipping with Insurance.

5. Wait for your Secure Individual Confirmation- When we receive your cards, we will send you your Secure Individual Confirmation. Now you are only 4 business days away until final grades!

6. Wait for your Final Grade Report- After we send your S.I.C., you are only 4 business days away from your Individual Final Grade Report.

7. Wait for your Delivery- The next business day after we send your I.F.G.R., we will mail your finalized submission back to you! 

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