Phase 1: Reception & Securement: 
We will process your RAW CARD REVIEW Submission Form & secure your cards for safe keeping during the RAW CARD REVIEW process.

Phase 2: Optical Review & Observation Notation:
We will professionally optically review each card individually & notate any observations from the review.

Phase 3: Three Step Preservation:
We will preserve the current condition of your RAW CARD REVIEW by;
a. placing it within a clear polypropylene sleeve
b. placing the polypropylene sleeved card within a Crystal Clear Semi Rigid Top Loader
c. securing the sleeved card within the Top Loader with a Tamper Proof RAW CARD REVIEW Identification Label

Phase 4: RAW CARD REVIEW Certification:
We will adhere matching tamper proof holograms to the front 7 rear of the RAW CARD REVIEW Identification Label

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