MJCollector.com would like to say a VERY heartfelt thank you to all of our initial grading customers! We have all been through crazy times in 2020 and we all deserve a calming exhale! 
LOL, with that being said, 2021 will bring new ventures AND a NEW SLAB and re-designed label for MJCollector.com GRADING! We try our best to listen to our customers, and we have heard you express a willingness to invest a little more money in grading and receive back a superior technologically advanced slab! We will be unveiling a new even better slab which allows for no movement of the card, has superior quality bonding and with state of the art U.V. protection! We are also working diligently on a premium label with the same super express turnaround times as before! We are also introducing a new line of Raw Card Review, it is of course called, AIR!
Last, we are working on a REALLY large story about a card that sold for record prices at auction recently and we will be sharing more information in the coming days!
Thanks everyone!