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The Grading & Encapsulation Process

Our unique process of the "AIR" Grading System is what gives us our competitive advantage.  This process is totally unique to the grading industry and sets MJCollector.com GRADING above and beyond all the rest! 

The "AIR" Grading System is a unique three step initial Grading Review. 

1. The first part, ANONYMOUS but ACCOUNTABLE means our graders are unaware of whose items they are reviewing & thus have an ability to remain completely impartial, yet at the same time, each card is assigned a grading team whose identity is permanently attached to that individual item creating the ultimate accountability for your graded items! 

2. The second part, INTERAGENCY and INTEGER based, means every item MJ Collector.com GRADING reviews is subject to the opinion of multiple independent opinions and from those independent opinions an Integer is formed based on the whole number average of the multiple independent opinions. 

3. The third part, REPORT & REVIEW, every individual item is complete with an "AIR" Report. The report details the independent review scores from a minimum of 4 independent reviews. At this point we independently determine a "POINTS" score. The POINTS score allows for a final bump up, no bump, or bump down of one half point on each individual item. This "POINTS" score is formed by another independent review of alternating opinions & is subject to the majority opinion. Last, a REVIEW by our Chief Grading Officer is conducted on each individual item and confirms the final grade/authenticity of the item.