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We are the premiere online resource for all Michael Jordan collectibles. MJcollector.com's Chief Collection Officer, Jeremy Hulderman has spent over three decades collecting all things, Michael Jordan. Whether it is basketball cards, Starting Line Ups, Magazines, Sneakers, Jerseys, Foreign, or Domestic, it is collectible, and we are collecting it!

MJcollector.com GRADING
MJcollector's graders have a vast amount of specific product knowledge, Unlike all other grading companies, we are not trying to grade every type of card or player in existence. 
MJcollector's interest in Grading is specific to the GOAT, Michael Jordan! 
Mjcollector's slabs are made of strong tamper proof plastics and all of our grading is completed & reviewed by a grading professional with over 35 years in the hobby industry.
MJcollector's grading scale is easy to understand & our graders always adhere to it, without exception.

WE ARE ALWAYS BUYING MICHAEL JORDAN CARDS AND COLLECTIBLES! For a risk free quote, email us at, [email protected] ! Thank you, happy collecting!